.....Job Opportunities

.......At Uptown Carriage we pride ourselves in hiring the most professional, outgoing and enthusiastic work force. We would like you to join the Uptown team!

COACHMAN Sightseeing tour operator, must be a good salesperson with horsemanship skills and able to acknowledge Memphis' historic sights. Option of hourly or commission pay(no experience necessary)paid training period 1-4 wk's.

BARN MANAGER Free board for work. Basic horse care; morning and some nightly feedings,stall cleaning (picked daily) and sanitation. PAYMENT for basic healthcare,grooming and harnessing horses to carriages.

HAY DELIVERY DRIVER Regionally. Must have own 3/4 ton truck, commercial insurance and a good driving record.

Apply online Email resume to uptowncarriage@yahoo.com include full name, address and phone number. Indicate job(s) you are interested in,your qualifications and why you think you would be good for the job.





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